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Definition of an Accredited Investor

An individual must meet one of a number of criteria to be accredited.

  • $1,000,000 in net worth, not including equity in the primary residence
  • $200,000 in earnings by one member of the household for the past two consecutive years, with reason to expect that to continue in current year
  • $300,000 in earnings by spouses in the household for the past two consecutive years, with reason to expect that to continue in current year

Source: https://www.sec.gov/education/capitalraising/building-blocks/accredited-investor

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The BIP Ventures Evergreen BDC is a trailblazing investment vehicle that provides advisors and individuals access to the Innovation Economy.

The number of investors is going up

Growing numbers of individuals in the U.S. qualify to participate in private market investing.

But few households that qualify to participate actually do.

source: dqydj.com/accredited-investors-in-america
Roughly 1 in 10 households qualify as an accredited investor

We believe limited awareness and antiquated fund structures are the main reasons few take advantage of the opportunities.

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The BIP Ventures Evergreen BDC

The BIP Ventures Evergreen BDC is an investment vehicle focused on acquiring equity positions in the most innovative companies in North America.

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About the Manager: BIP Ventures

Our mission is to identify and capture extraordinary opportunities for the people we serve.

Since 2007, BIP Ventures has invested in the success of B2B software and tech-enabled service businesses at all stages of maturity. We steward founders’ dreams by providing access to the capital, infrastructure, acumen, and talent they need to build category-leading companies. We are fiduciaries to investors. For more than 15 years, we have worked to hone an investment strategy, team, and technological advantage to deliver on that commitment. We have built the BIP Ventures Evergreen BDC on this framework. The discipline and efficacy of our strategy shows up in consistently outstanding MOICs (Multiples on Invested Capital).


We invest in sectors and business models we know well. Our investment thesis includes Healthcare, FinTech, InsurTech, Media & Marketplace, Enterprise SaaS, and Software.


An innovative idea is not enough to drive exceptional outcomes. We demand excellence from each market opportunity, business model, and every company and leadership team.


We allocate money strategically and with discipline. A real options framework maximizes the efficiency of deployed capital and we buy options and follow-on positions at attractive prices.

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